The first record in Gwinear is the marriage of John Calengewe and Jone on the 1st July 1599. This couple proceeded to have many children, christened in Gwinear as follows:


*  Jenepher Calensewe, 19th April 1601 (Shepler is probably Jenepher as well)

*  William Kalensaw, 11th May 1603

*  Doney Calensew, 28thAugust 1604

*  an unnamed daughter, 28th August 1607

*  Majory Kalensow, 7th April 1611, buried 24th April 1611

*  Katheren Calensowe, 14th June 1612

*  Patience Calensowe, 24th June 1612 (entered by member of LDS Church)

*  Elizabeth Kalensowe, 5th February 1614


There was a stray child, Margery Kalensewe, christened in Gwinear in 1605, the daughter of William. She is likely to be the daughter of William and Margerie of Uny Lelant.


John died and was buried in Gwinear on the 20th March 1629, his will was probated the following year. Unfortunately it is very difficult to read but he appears to mention his wife Joane, son William and daughter Katheren.


William Callensawe married Elizabeth on the 5th October 1635. They had the following children:


*  William Chalenso, 7th February 1635/36

*  Richard Calensew, 23rd May 1638

*  Ann Callensew, 15th January 1640, buried 20th March 1640

*  John Callensew, 20th January 1641

*  Patience Callensew, 12th July 1644, buried 22nd July 1644


Williamís wife Elizabeth died and was buried in May of 1645. He remarried a Tamson on the 12th January 1649. They donít appear to have had any children.


William signed the Protestation Return in Gwinear in 1641, was recorded as a Gwinear Churchwarden 2nd May 1662, and also paid the Hearth Tax in Gwinear in 1662. When he died in 1688 the administration of his estate was granted to John Calenso, likely the son born in 1641.


Two of Williamís sons married and had children in Gwinear.


Richard married Jane on the 10th January 1661 and had the following children:


*  Thomas Calensoe, 27th April 1662, buried 1684

*  Mary Calensoe, 3rd July 1664

*  Catherine Calensoe, 7th November 1666

*  Freelove Calensoe, 5th March 1668 Ė she had a natural daughter Mary in 1691

*  John Calensoe, 5th August 1671, buried 1671

*  Elizabeth Calensoe, 14th April 1678, buried 1687

*  John Callensew, 17th April 1682


Jane dies in 1720, there is no record of Richardís death, but he paid the hearth tax in Gwinear in 1664.


Richardís son John married Elener 22nd December 1715, their children were as follows:


*  Jane Colenso, 7th June 1719, married John Hooper in 1748

*  John Colenso, no christening record, but dies in 1757

*  Richard Callensoe, 15th April 1722

*  Elizabeth Callensoe, 6th January 1725, married Francis Tuckfield in 1765.


John died in 1741, Elener in 1747, whilst the son John died unmarried in 1757, with an administration granted on the 16th June to Jane (now wife of John Hooper) & Elizabeth Calenso (illiterate), spinster of Penzance, sisters of John Calenso. This was signed by John Hooper, of Gwinear, tinner; Henry Hooper, of Gwinear, yeoman; James Gilbard, of Gwinear, yeoman.


Williamís son John married Elener around 1662. They had two sons John and Charles. There are no records of the marriage or christenings on the IGI, but John the elder was buried in 1722 and Elener in 1736. The younger John married Rebekah on the 21st Oct 1684 and had the following children:


*  Elizabeth, born 1685, marrying Simon Pentecost in 1724

*  John, born 1686

*  Honor, born 1687, marrying William Heath in 1710 and possibly Charles Oatey before 1719

*  John, born 1692 dying in 1748


John the husband of Rebekah, dies in 1739 and leaves a will that he had written in 1724, and mentions his wife, daughters Honor and Elizabeth, 3 grandchildren and his son John as the executor. The original grandchildren were Charles, Mary and Honor Oatie, all born before 1724. When John the executor dies in 1748, the will is reproven and the grandchildren mentioned are Simon and Richard Pentecost and Mary Hammill (nee Oatie).


The son John, dying in 1748, also left a will mentioning sister Honor, nephew Simon Penecost, niece Mary Hammill wife of Peter Hammill and cousin Charles, son of his first cousin Charles Collensoe. This leads to the second son of John & Elener. This son had a son Charles who marries Thomasin Remfrey in Phillack in 1730 Ė there are three children christened of this marriage, Elizabeth, Margery and Charles. This Charles may be the father of Richard Charles Callensoe, christened in Chatham Kent in 1773. There is also Grace, recorded as the daughter of Charles, christened in 1720. She marries George Thomas in Crowan in 1745. The previously mentioned Elizabeth marries Simon Pentecost in 1760 also in Crowan.


Charles was married before 1720, having Grace and another son called John, this may explain the origins of John Callensoe who marries Jane Major in St Erth in 1750. He is described as being from Crowan and connects to a possible sister and niece being married in Crowan. John and Jane Major have two children in Crowan. One of these sons John married Catherine Phillips and their descendents are described in Breage.


Possibly this Charles, son of John and Elener had the following children:


*  Charles who married Thomasin Remfry in 1730 in Phillack

*  Grace, born 1720, marrying George Thomas 1745 in Crowan

*  John of Crowan, marrying Jane Major in 1750 in St Erth