The first Colenso record in Breage was the marriage of William Colliana, a miner from Crowan, to Elizabeth Davis on the 28th December 1806.


William was probably one of the three sons of John Colenso and Catherine Phillips, who were married in St Erth on the 11th February 1782. John is described as being from Crowan, christened in that town as John Calinso on the 3rd November 1750, parents John and Jane (Major). This family appears to be descended from the Gwinear branch of the family.


John Colenso and Catherine Phillips had the following sons:


*  John, born 1782 in St Erth, buried in Crowan on 25th Feb 1858.

*  William, born 1785 in St Erth, buried in Breage on 18 Jun 1831.

*  Richard, born 1788 in St Erth, buried in Breage on 25 November 1840.


Catherine married again in 1798 to a soujourner tinner called Thomas Johns, but was buried as Catherine Colenso in Breage on the 22nd March 1835, aged 87. Her first husband John probably died between 1788 and 1798. As she was born in Breage in 1748, the daughter of William Phillips and Mary Old, she may have moved to Breage when she was first widowed.


John married Ann before 1809, probably in Wales. Ann was born in Illogan around 1786 and was buried in Crowan on the 20th April 1862. They had the following children:


*  John, born 1809 in St Agnes Glamorgan, married Salome Polkinghorne in 1836, buried in Helston in 1870.

*  Mary, born 1811 in Glamorgan, married William Hocking in 1835, dying in 1903 in Helston

*  Elizabeth, born 1813 in Wales, married James Woolcock in 1834, dying in Dodgeville Wisconsin in 1882.

*  Catherine, born 1815 in Llanfairarybryn Camarthen, married Thomas Ralph in 1838.

*  Grace, born 1818 in Breage, married Thomas Glasson in 1844, dying in Redruth in 1914.

*  William, born 1820 in Crowan and dying in 1821.

*  William, born in 1823 in Crowan, married Eliza Nutting in Woverhampton in 1844, died there in 1885.

*  Jane, born in 1826 in Crowan, married John Harvey in 1848, died in 1915.


As previously mentioned William Colenso and Elizabeth Davis were married in Breage and they had the following children:


*  Elizabeth, born in 1807 in Breage, married Richard Eade Beaglehole in 1838 and died in St Cleer in 1882.

*  William, born in 1809 in Breage and died in Cowan in 1811.

*  Jane, born in 1810 in Breage, married John Wills in Sithney in 1844 and died there in 1875.

*  William, born in 1812 in Breage, appears to have emigrated to Wisconsin before 1850 but was back in Breage in 1861 and died there in 1864.

*  John, born in 1814 in Breage, married Mary Tyacke in 1839 and died in 1868.

*  Honor, born in 1816 in Breage, married John Rowe in 1844 and died in 1880.

*  Richard, born in 1818 in Breage and died in 1849.

*  Mary, born in 1820 in Breage, married William Dunn in 1840.

*  Caroline, born in 1822 in Breage and died in 1873.

*  Grace, born in 1824 in Breage and died in 1900.

*  Edward, born in 1826 in Breage, married Jane Hosking in 1850 and died in St Erth in 1897.

*  Rosina, born in 1829 in Breage, married Edwin Roberts Ridington in 1851 and died in 1878.

*  Henry, born in 1830 in Breage, married Mary Rowe in 1855 and died in 1895.


Richard Colenso married Ann Allen in Breage on 23 March 1816. Ann was born in Crowan in 1789, the daughter of Thomas Allen and Ann Stevens. She died in 1865. They had the following children:


*  Jennifer, born in 1817 in Breage and died in 1868.

*  Anne, born in 1818 in Breage, married John Stephens in 1840 and died in 1874.

*  Richard, born in 1820 in Breage, married Martha Pascoe in 1838, moved to Wales and died before 1863.

*  Rosina, born in 1822 in Breage and died in 1892.

*  John, born in 1824 in Breage and died in 1827.

*  John, born in 1828 in Breage, married Jane Richards in 1854 and died in 1868.

*  Elizabeth, born in 1830 in Hayle and died in 1836.