Colenso – Volume 9 (2018)


January 2018

·         What was Colenso doing in 1837?

·         Clem Earp: Colenso’s sketch of Parua Bay

·         Robert Donaldson, educationalist

·         Colenso and Kon-Tiki

·         Supplies: printing, personal and medical

·         Not without honour, but in his own country….

·         Invitation

·         COLENSO 3


February 2018

·         Mr Colenso’s Wairarapa

·         Clem Earp: Colenso’s Whangārei: central city area

·         Correction

·         Colenso’s Māori artifacts in the British Museum

·         Colenso ‘s tuatara

·         Conference: Colenso 3 in Napier 2019


March 2018

·         Gwil Colenso: Notes on an exhibition: Joseph Hooker Putting plants in their place

·         The editor’s inbox

·         William Colenso Square officially opened

·         Conference: Colenso 3



Joseph Dalton Hooker in the Bay of Islands 18 August to 23 November 1841


April 2018

·         Te Pūtake o Te Riri: Te Tai Tokerau

·         Clem Earp. The original locality of Celmisia graminifolia Hook.f.

·         Napier conference

·         Captain Newman & Mr Colenso

·         A blessing in disguise

·         The cost of Trewithen

·         Lake Tarawera

·         Colenso didn’t submit all his papers to the Transactions

·         Further wanderings with William Colenso: Call for papers

·         Mr Colenso’s Wairarapa



The first European fighting at Taranaki


May 2018

·         “Further wanderings with William Colenso” Call for conference papers

·         Clem Earp: Aotahi and the clash of missions

·         Mr Colenso’s Wairarapa

·         O Tempora! O mores! Dr Dieffenbach & Mr Colenso

·         The 1872 by-election for Napier Town seat


June 2018

·         Call for conference papers

·         Clem Earp: The Fate of one of Colenso’s “scraps”

·         Clem Earp: Colenso’s Whangārei: going south and west

·         The great Waipawa Exhibition of 1888

·         Mr Colenso’s Wairarapa


A reminder from Ian that "If you want to know Colenso, READ Colenso, don’t read ABOUT him."

The plant hunter


July 2018

·         Call for papers

·         The presidential address, 1888

·         Clem Earp. Passing through Whangaruru

·         Sebley & Thomas

·         Colenso’s shell collection

·         The cruise of the ss Waikare, 1900

·         Hawkestone St. Mr Colenso’s Wairarapa

·         Further wanderings….



Hawke’s Bay Philosophical Institute Anniversary Address by the President, William Colenso, 1888


August 2018

·         Call for papers

·         Clem Earp: Carry on up the Kaipara

·         A printer’s doodles

·         Colenso’s He Inoinga

·         A gross sham

·         From his Dear friend William Richard Wade

·         Colenso in Paris

·         Mr Colenso’s Wairarapa

·         O temperance! O moderation!



The report of the formation and establishment of the New Zealand Temperance Society


September 2018100th Issue

·         Tracts for the times

·         I think very favourably of his character…

·         Clem Earp: Mapping the Northland Interior

·         Ann Collins: The flawed Akaroa Proclamation

·         The School Inspector’s prizes

·         The 3rd Conference: Further wanderings….

·         On the men of science who preceded us in the South Seas and lands, with particular reference to their labours, striking adventures and tragical ends

·         Cornish clippings



The 21st Supplement: Tracts for the Times


October 2018

·         A lecture at Woodville

·         The cathedral memorial tablet

·         Snippets

·         Colenso and Bidwell

·         Rua Pahu & Tongariro

·         Christopher Merrett: John William Colenso: human rights activist?

·         William Colenso typescript rejected

·         Ruapehu & Tongariro

·         Call for papers extended

·         Clem Earp: Colenso’s no. 57


November 2018

·         Colenso conference cancelled

·         The Norsewood fires

·         Phyllis Colenso:”William Colenso:Penzance benefactor

·         The Rev. W. Colenso to frank free

·         Views of Wellington when Colenso visited

·         Colenso and the NZ Society

·         Memories of Methodists

·         Garry Tee: Historical Note: units & Dimensions

·         Addendum


December 2018

·         Islands in the stream

·         Dicksonia lanata

·         Monstrous injustice

·         The Biddy letter

·         The good wife

·         Suffering

·         Science and Religion

·         Albert Victor Pomare’s gifts from the Queen

·         eColenso 2018 contents



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