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Maternal Ancestors – Pedigree Chart

·       Private Thomas James (1881-1935) – Royal Welsh Fusiliers, RFC & RAF, WW1, story & attachments

·       Colour Serjeant Thomas Oldfield (1843-1905) – 22nd Regiment (Cheshires), story & attachments

·       Serjeant Joseph Bond (1783 – 1849) – Northumberland Militia & Coldstream Guards, Waterloo, story (updated 2021) & attachments

Colenso Connections

·       Wing Commander Gavin Michael (Colenso) Collins (1926 – 2010) Medals – RAAF, Korea, Malaya

·       Captain John Montmorency Tucker (1780-1852) – Peninsular War, Waterloo & Ionian Islands

·       Colenso Brothers from Christchurch NZ – Their experiences in WW1

·       John Eric Colenso (1880-1946) – a British Officer with the Gurkhas in India, Burma, Egypt, France and on the North West Frontier. (updated Dec 2015) also presentation on Gurkhas (added Jul 2023).

·       Angela Margaret Cockburn Colenso (1891-1962) – Red Cross VAD in WW1 (updated Dec 2015)

·       Colenso & Jones Connections: How the battle of Colenso (1899) was remembered (Revised June 2016)

·       Naval Guns at the Battle of Colenso: an addendum to the Colenso & Jones Connections

·       The Long Road to Changi by Peter Ewer, Harper Collins Publishers 2013, describes the service of 4 Colenso Brothers from Sydney in the 2/18th Battalion.

·       John Pairn Colenso (1894-1979) was a stoker in the Royal Navy during WW1 and was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal. He was a crewman on a Q-Ship captained by Gordon Campbell ( John was born in Illogan to John Colenso and Sophia Andrew. He later immigrated to Michigan.

Paternal Ancestors from Ireland

·       My father’s mother was Dorothy O’Brien and there was a NZ surprise in her grave - An O’Brien Grave in Brighton Cemetery.

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