The following is a list of the many people who have contributed to the database Iíve accumulated.




Winsley Wighton, descendent of Edwin Colenso

Elizabeth Colenso Cleary, descendent of Edwin Colenso

Tom Arnold, married to a descendent of William Henry Fitcher & Mary Ann Colenso

Arthur Leslie Colenso, descendent of George Squire Colenso

Merrill (& her husband Barri) James, descendent of James Colenso and Elizabeth Jane Moyle, who settled in New Zealand.

Jennifer Perry, descendent of John Colenso and Joan Corin.

Elizabeth Jacobsen, connected to Selina Bramble married to Joseph Ancell Colenso.

Walter Badge, who helped find the Badge Colenso connection.

Peter Taylor, who is connected to the Fairburn family

Ellen Sprylan, descendent of Edwin

Jan Curtis, descended from Arnold Rogers & Elizabeth Ann Colenso

Rod Smith, connected to William John & Eliza White

Dianne Mullins, descendent of Edwin and the Sydney branch of the family.

Bill Swannick, descended from William Richards & Emily Caroline Colenso

Kris Flamank, descended from the Flamank family.




Ted Lindley, descendent from William Nash & Mary Colenso

Adam Colenso, descendent of the Liverpool Branch

Amanda Doyle, descendent of the Welsh Branch, she has a web page at

Julia Colenso, wife of Vivian Colenso of the Welsh Branch

Brad Cutter, descendent of John Callenso & Eliza Tiddy

Deb Cocking, connected to the Bristol Branch

Liz Newbery, connected to the Penzance Reeds

Phyllis Lea, descendent of the Penzance Reeds

Simon Reed, as above

Vyvyan Scrawen, niece of Doris Wallis Colenso

Rosemary, descended from William Polwin & Margaret Colenso

Mary Piper, descended from Richard Beaglehole & Elizabeth Colenso

Nancy Tonkin, connected to the Ancell family

Nancy Wright, descendent of William Laity & Hannah Colenso




Sarah Carter, descendent of Frances Colenso and Joseph Carter

Bob Scott, connected to Thomas Henry Colenso & Grace Skewes

Charlie Skewes, connected to Grace Skewes

Carol Miller, connected to Jonathan Colenso & Ann Carter

Norman Richards, descended from Swinfen Ball Richards & Ursula Colenso


New Zealand


Ruthie McLennan, descendent of James Colenso and Elizabeth Jane Moyle

Eileen Chapman, connected to Claudius Colenso

Howard Wearing, descended from Robert Jones Edwards and Elizabeth Callenso


South Africa


Phillip Ernest Colenso (dec), descendent of Edwin Colenso of Australia.


United States of America


Joan Tregarthen Huston, descendent of Elizabeth Colenso & William Tregarthen

Roberta Adamson, descendent of John Colenso & Carrie Brown

Leslie E Barnes, descendent of Swinfen Ball Colenso & Ursula Colenso

Devon and his father Stan Colenso, descendent from Thomas Henry Colenso & Grace Skewes

Robert Colenso, descendent of Edwin Colenso & Elizabeth Mary Trathern

Patrick Larkins, married to Terry Lynn Colenso

Pamela Olargue, descendent of Benjamin Ricks & Mildred Colenso

Richard Colenso, descendent of Richard Veale Thomas Colenso & Susan Ann Edmondes

Shirley Seal, descendent of Richard Gokee and June Elizabeth Colenso

Shelly Dillard, descendent of John Henry Colenso & Elizabeth Jane Eade