Colenso – Volume 10 (2019)


January 2019

·         Clem Earp: The Whananaki Coast

·         Colenso’s contacts

·         Ripeka Meretene of Patangata



The Report of the Formation and Establishment of the New Zealand Temperance Society



February 2019

·         Taupiri

·         Colenso’s map?

·         The Hawke’s Bay Philosophical Institute aka The Knife Grinder’s Society

·         Ruination in the name of Jesus

·         Colenso’s house on Colenso’s Hill

·         Norman Potts on Colenso

·         Letter from the editor


March 2019

·         Vale Peter Wells

·         Ngararu-Haurau: the Tanweru taniwha or the Kourarau crocodile?


April 2019


Last Tango in Napier

Who was Henriquette Maude?












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